World Brain Day

Every year on 22nd July, people across the world celebrate World Brain Day. The term ‘brain health’ can refer to a variety of prevention strategies intended to support the maintaining of both physical and mental brain function. Raising awareness of the matter is just as vital as raising awareness of neurological concerns.



History of World Brain Day



22nd July was chosen for World Brain Day as it was the date that World Federation of Neurology was founded, as well as when its first constitution was written.

The World Federation of Neurology is responsible for several publications and periodicals targeted at furthering neurology research and educating a wider audience about the field. It has effectively fostered training, education, and neurology research, and it is one of the most important aspects of making neurology more accessible to the public. It has taken numerous initiatives to raise awareness of brain health, including the establishment of an annual international event.



The Importance of World Brain Day



  • Neuroscience is constantly expanding, field that creating several medical breakthroughs.



  • Brain health is becoming an increasingly critical matter. Only lately have we been more aware of the entire effects that brain health can have. This celebration is meant to draw attention to the importance of prevention and safety measures.



  • Many of today's major diseases and medical conditions are directly tied to neurological issues. Basic neurological safety precautions can have a major impact on these disorders.



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