Whitehall Training - Good Clinical Practice Course (R2 update)

Do you need to get GCP certification in 2017?


Perhaps you need a course in which you can do in your own time online? If you’re looking for good clinical practice courses, look to Whitehall Training today.


The world of good clinical practice is always evolving, and it’s important to keep up with the latest quality standards, whether you’re an individual researcher or company. What’s important is to be able to trust in a company who is up to date on the changes, and has the most current courses available. Here at Whitehall Training, all our courses are fully accredited and written exclusively by industry experts, who are leading pioneers in their field.


Our courses will help you get certified quickly and easily in those key subjects required for working in clinical research trials, whether in the UK or Germany. Fast and easy to use, our courses are ideal for anyone looking to study remotely, whether at home or abroad.


Used by over 9,500 companies worldwide, we are a trusted online course provider, and our courses come in over 12 languages.


For more information, visit our site today or get in touch on 0207 099 7432.

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