Whitehall Training - GCP Online Training Course Updated

Are you looking for a GCP online training course for 2017?


Whether you work in the pharmaceutical sector or clinical research, look no further than the team here at Whitehall Training. Our GCP courses contain the very latest information – including the November 2016 ICH GCP addendum.


Our courses are aimed at anyone who is looking to gain a thorough understanding of key areas within the pharmaceutical sector. Along with initial GCP training, our courses are also suitable for those who are looking for refresher courses.


The courses we offer cover GCP, GCLP, GLP, Pharmacovigilance and more. Our courses are fast and easy to use, and you can study where and when you like, without the hassle of a classroom. We also specialise in face-to-face training for companies who need to train groups of five people or over, you can be sure to trust in us.


Nowadays, online GCP training is the most convenient way to get certified, wherever you are in the world. Courses are translated into over 13 languages and have been studied in over 40 countries worldwide. So, whether you’re based in the UK or Germany, Whitehall Training could be for you.


Over 9,500 companies already use our courses so why not join us today? For more information, visit our site or get in touch on 0207 099 7432.

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