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When you’re arranging a clinical trial, GCP training can seem like a real hassle; but as a key requirement for anyone involved in the conduct of clinical research, it’s also essential. This ethical and practical standard ensures that everyone involved is qualified by their education, training and experience to carry out their duties to the highest standards.


Nowadays, online GCP training is the most convenient way to get certified, where ever you are in the world. But it’s extremely important to choose a reputable training provider.


At Whitehall Training we always provide the most concise, up-to-date information for all learners. Our courses are the easiest way to get certified in 2017 whether you’re an individual learner or have a group of students.


Written by industry experts, our TransCelerate-approved courses can be translated in any language, including German, Italian and Spanish. If you want our GCP courses hosted on your own LMS or not the choice is yours. Along with online courses, we also offer face-to-face learning for companies with groups of employees who need training.


Whitehall Training is used by over 21,000 students, 9,400 companies and 40 countries worldwide. Why not join us in 2017?


Here are 10 reasons to choose our GCP courses.

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