What is the Care Certificate?


The Care Certificate (CC) is a set of standards that social care and health workers stick to in their daily working life. It is the new minimum standard that should be covered as part of induction training of new care workers. The CC is a standard that new employees should work towards during their first 12 weeks of employment. 


The CC was developed jointly by Skills for Care, Health Education England, and Skills for Health. It applies across social care and health and links to National Occupational Standards and units in qualifications.


Who is the Care Certificate for?


The Care Certificate was designed with non-regulated workers in mind and gives everyone the confidence that workers have the same induction – learning the same skills, knowledge and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and high quality care and support.


The Care Certificate is the start of your career journey and is only one element of the training and education that will make you ready to practice within your specific sector.

Although the Care Certificate is designed for new staff, it also offers opportunities for existing staff to refresh or improve their knowledge.


Why should you take our Online Training?


We are one of the most experienced online trainers in the world - with over 20,000 satisfied learners.  Our Introduction to the Care Certificate was written specifcally to help those wanting to enter the care sector as well as those returning to care after a career break.


You can learn in your own time - take a long as you like, when you like.  At the end, everyone who passes the exam will receive a numbered certificate to prove they have taken the course.


As you work through this course you will see the areas that you will build on and develop with on-the-job experience.


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