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GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice (Annex 13) online training course for Investigational Medicinal Products in Russian

This course provides grounding in the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice – specifically related to the manufacture of Investigational Medicinal Products (Annex 13). Applying GMP to IMPs provides assurance that results of clinical trials are not compromised by inadequate safety, quality or efficacy arising from unsatisfactory manufacture of product. It has many other benefits, including ensuring results are comparable across different batches of Investigational Medicinal Products. For the process to work, personnel must have an adequate training in requirements specific to Investigational Medicinal Products. The course is offered in Russian.

  • Average study time:
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    3 hrs

  • Personal development points (CPD):

    3 points

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Course Details

  • Clear, attractive format.
  • Ideal for those working with IMPs on clinical trials
  • Gain useful insights into the application of GMP from the author's professional experience.
  • Carries 3 CPD points.

Benefits for you

>>  Fully compliant

This course follows the guidance of Annex 13 of the European Commission's GMP guidelines - relating to Investigational Medicinal Products. Learners also receive 3 Continual Professional Development (CPD) Points, accredited by The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom. These can be used to count towards the distance learning element of any scheme that comes under the umbrella of The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges or any other scheme for which there is mutual recognition.

>>  Certified

All learners who pass the final exam receive a uniquely numbered, personal certificate to demonstrate their subject knowledge. Since the questions are picked randomly from a database, re-sitting the exam doesn’t mean taking the same questions again and again.

>>  Affordable

Our cost-effective prices represent excellent value. You can easily pay up to ten-times more for face-to-face training.  We can also offer generous group discounts on larger purchases.

>>  Time-saving

Our new administration system makes it incredibly quick and simple to allocate licences to multiple learners. Learners save time too by choosing when and where they complete the training. Our reporting tools make it easy for administrators to check the progress of learners and identify areas for future training.

>>  Reliable and trustworthy

This course was written by McCarthy Consultant Services Inc (Canadian specialists in regulatory work to support the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, food, natural health products and cosmetic industries). You will also stay up to date with any legislative changes in GMP relating to IMPs as our training courses are constantly monitored, reviewed and updated.

Course Syllabus

1: Испытуемые лекарственные препараты (ИЛП)
1.1 Определение ИЛП
1.2 Каким образом Приложение 13 касается меня?
1.3 Зачем необходимо Приложение 13, если уже существует НПП?
1.4 Дополнение к Приложению 13
2: Общий процесс (общий процесс проведения) ИЛП
2.1 Возложитель
2.2 Производитель и упаковщик
2.3 Квалифицированное лицо
2.4 Транспортировка
2.5 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 1)
2.6 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 2)
2.7 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 3)
2.8 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 4)
2.9 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 5)
2.10 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 6)
2.11 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 7)
2.12 Получение ИЛП на месте проведения клинического исследования (Шаг 8)
2.13 Сохранение ИЛП
2.14 Назначение
2.15 Работа с участниками клинического исследования
2.16 Окончание исследования
3: Жалобы и аннулирование
3.1 Обработка жалоб
3.2 Аннулирование
4: Заключение
4.1 Окончательное заключение


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