Education and Care - Training Courses for those working with Children & Young People

Our courses draw on the wealth of experience of a senior trainer who has worked in children’s services – as teacher, manager, and education consultant (Looked after children). He has worked with learning disabilities, mental health, epilepsy, autism, autism assessments, numeracy and literacy assessments (LD), and parenting assessments.


The courses use scenarios based on real-life situations, with the same fictional characters throughout. Learners are kept engaged with carefully chosen short videos and illustrations so they not only absorb more, but enjoy doing it!


Our advanced learning management system is already used by training managers in thousands of companies, who need to keep close eye staff compliance. Its easy-to-use graphical interface gives users the power to see exactly who has done the training in real-time. All courses have their own exams; with personalized, numbered certificates stored on the system so you can access them whenever you need.


Mapping of courses to key learning frameworks


All of our courses are mapped to the Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. Click on any course title to learn more, including which specific standards each course will help learners to achieve - 


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