Is Vivli the way forward in data sharing?

Nowadays, the idea of trial data sharing does not seem as far-fetched as it did a few years ago. The all-trials initiative’s call for full disclosure of trial data has been answered by many companies. But now, US researchers are hoping to take this one step further with a neutral database of all worldwide clinical trials data.


Many pharmaceutical companies already require anonymised data from their trials to be made public but the practice is not universal.  Even when the data is published it is not always easy to cross-reference as it is held within several different databases.


The project has the backing (and funding) of GSK – who see great potential if it can successfully combine multiple databases in a searchable format.

However, Vivli is not without its sceptics. Trish Groves, editor-in-chief of BMJ Open believes that it is too rigid and focussed on restricted study types.  She is also concerned that it may be too commercially focussed and US centric to attract the international contributions that it needs.


She believes that more focussed solutions like the Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network are a more practical approach that the one-stop shop aims of Vivli. Eventually, she hopes that these solutions will evolve so they can communicate and share their data.


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