Good Clinical Practice Training (GCP) Explained

In our latest blog post, we demystify Good Clinical Practice training with a detailed breakdown of what it is and who it’s for while highlighting the benefits of a GCP certification from Whitehall Training.  

What is it?

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is a crucial training certification for anyone involved in clinical research. The GCP framework sets the foundation for the ethical, practical, and scientific standards of any research initiative. Compliance with the GCP provides public assurance that the safety, wellbeing, and rights of each research participant is being protected. 


Who is it for?

GCP training is required for anyone involved in conducting clinical research. The GCP certification is a requirement of the 2005 Research Governance guidelines for Health and Social Care covering all research connected to the NHS in England, and those working in clinical trials.


For clinical trials, the Medicines for Human Use regulations require all staff to be trained according to the GCP guidelines to carry out their projects. With our training solution, you can adapt your course experience to suit your needs, making learning easier for people with limited time and schedule opportunities. Our courses also come in a variety of languages for global support. 


What are the benefits of a GCP qualification?

GCP training ensures anyone involved in research knows how to perform specific tasks according to the highest scientific, practical, and ethical standards. GCP courses will empower learners to be more competent in their roles while preserving the rights, wellbeing, and safety of anyone involved in studies or research.


All learners who successfully complete this course will be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge with a world-recognised certification. Because our courses are updated regularly, you can also renew your certification according to the needs of your practice or organisation. 


Why Whitehall Training?

Whitehall Training goes above and beyond to deliver the most reliable, fully compliant training opportunities in an online, interactive environment. We’ve helped over 10,000 organisations to ensure they’re compliant with the highest legal and ethical standards. Our portfolio is populated by courses written by leading experts in the field.


Our GCP training course covers the ICH-GCP (E6-R2) guidelines in a range of languages. Written by a specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, this course is accepted worldwide as evidence of clinical excellence. The course meets all TransCelerate Biopharma criteria and is accredited by the United Kingdom Royal College of Physicians Faculty for Pharmaceutical medicine.


With Whitehall Training, you can access your GCP certification through a cost-effective pricing structure and complete your course in a flexible online space that’s quick and easy to use. Every student who successfully completes the GCP course will receive a uniquely numbered personal certificate to demonstrate their knowledge and outline their accreditation to groups worldwide.


Learners also receive 6 Professional Development points delivered by the United Kingdom Royal College of Physicians, which can be used with any continued distance learning scheme falling under the Academy of Medical Royal College’s umbrella of educational opportunities.


Our administration system allows you to manage various licenses with ease and efficiency. You can also access reporting tools as an administrator to determine how a group of learners are progressing or keep track of the need for certification renewal.


Click here to find out more about Whitehall Training’s Good Clinical Practice courses.


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