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About Us

Whitehall Training has pioneered the delivery of innovative and interactive online training, helping nearly 10,000 organisations and over 21,000 individuals comply with legal requirements, as well as ensure quality throughout a wide range of different pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research best practices.

We offer industry-leading courses in several languages and several versions to match country-specific regulatory frameworks. 

Recently, we expanded our portfolio with courses on health and social care, and education. But with every course, our philosophy remains the same – to combine the best possible learning experience for students with the simplest and most effective administration tools for course co-ordinators and training managers.

Each course was written by leading industry experts in their field. Many include scenarios taken from first-hand experience, to help learners relate their learning outcomes to different workplace practices. The syllabus is delivered in a clear and engaging way through the use of images, diagrams and links to current regulations and useful sources.

Once each course is completed, the learner is given access to a multiple-choice exam with questions randomly selected to cover all major aspects of the subject. Once they pass the exam, they receive a uniquely numbered, personalised certificate so they can demonstrate their knowledge.

Our courses are already available in a variety of different languages in order to accommodate your needs, but we can be flexible to suit your needs.

Please contact us if -

  • >> You require a language we don’t currently offer
  • >> You would like to host our courses in your learning management system
  • >> You need to put your corporate identity on one of our courses
  • >> You would like us to host one of your courses for you


You’d be surprised how cost-effective it can be for us to make the changes you need.


If you would like to get in contact with us then please follow this link: Contact Us.


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